Communication beast!

Our species

You too can become a legend!

With a simple piercing glance, the Basilisk petrified its victims. Although our agency is much more docile and cheerful than the mythological creature, our fresh creations full of flavour have an equally stunning impact. Our prestigious abilities in graphic design, publishing, web, communication, or design, called in as reinforcements according to your needs, give us the ability to transform and adapt with lightning speed. This way, your projects always produce a stunning effect.


Our natural environment

Editorial Design
    • Text and photo content creation
    • Multilingual layout
    • Illustration
    • Infographics and icons
    • Translation
    • Typographical checks
    • Implementation and optimisation of the editorial process
Graphic Design
    • Strategy & consulting
    • Art direction
    • Graphic design (logo creation, branding, various print materials)
    • Event communication
    • Signage
Digital Design
    • Website design
    • Responsive Design
    • UX & UI Design
    • Social Media
    • Dynamic Publishing / Interactive PDF
    • E-Pub
Motion Design & video
    • Tutorials
    • Video teasers
    • Interviews
    • Corporate and company films
    • Product presentation
    • Aerial views
    • Motion Design

Our (gentle) creatures

Maud Maillard
  • Maud is both the heart and soul of Basilic. Whether she’s taming complex projects, bringing together different species or enchanting words, she loves simplifying and enriching her clients’ lives. Underneath her smile, her benevolence and her gentleness lies a petrifying expertise in communication.
Ophélie Elzingre
  • From the basilisk, Ophélie has inherited an unfailing calmness! Whatever the complexity of your project, she rises to the challenge with calm and serenity! A true predator of communication, her patience and perseverance are matched only by her ingenuity, her graphic knowledge and her great technical skills!
Vanessa Jouillerot
Art Director
  • This is definitely the eye of the Basilisk! A deep instinct for creativity, extreme rigour and a unique way of perceiving her environment. As innovative as she is meticulous, as dedicated as she is playful, Vanessa magnifies your content, (re)bringing it to life and fine-tuning the smallest details.
Manon Dubois
Graphic designer & polygrapher
  • Her fluid, rapid and precise movements are no match for those of the Basilisk. Fiercely inventive, wildly methodical and brutally delicate, Manon attacks all your projects with fervour, enthusiasm and flexibility. Let’s face it: her touch is frighteningly effective!

Our catch

Our den
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